The High Plane is the realm of the fae. It is a dimension between dimensions. The only connection to the real world is seven elemental portals. The portals lie on the planes of the High Plane. Nomad faerie have journeyed to the real world and have taught the inhabitants of Thae magic.


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The PortalsEdit

The Portals are the only way into and out of the High Plane, they are twelve foot tall circular frames made of an element that is "touched" by the magic of the Fae. The portals shimmer with light and an air of ethereal is felt in and around the portals themselves. When activated the portals will transport anyone and anything within the frame to the other portal in Thae. Anyone who has made friends with the Fae and possess an ability or tool of flight can use the Portals to travel to the High Plane and through a different Portal, severely cutting travel time.

The Portal of WoodEdit

Thae: Located inside the Elder Ash Tree in the center of Aldarell.

The High Plane: Located in front of the Elder Yew Tree on the third plane.

It is guarded heavily by the Elves who live in those lands. The Portal itself is within the roots of the tree. It is the Portal first used by the Nomad Fae to enter Thae. In the High Plane, The Elder Yew Tree is protected by the Fae's magic.

The Portal of MetalEdit

Thae: Located inside of the iron mines in northern Grupase.

The High Plane: Located on the outskirts of the () village on the fourth plane.

It is a lost Portal. It is known only to the Fae on the High Plane side of the Portal. There was a cave in in the iron mine and the Portal was lost to the citizens of Thae.

The Portal of CrystalEdit

Thae: Located in the crystal mines underneath Crystalwell.

The High Plane: Located immediately outside of the Crystal Palace on the second plane.

The Crystal Portal was the first Portal found by humans. It was found while excavating the mine for the crystal wall around Crystalwell. It has a distinctly blue color crystal while the other crystals in the mine are pink.

The Portal of FireEdit

Thae: Located in the lava pits underneath Wyk.

The High Plane: Located in the south part of the second plane outside of the Upper Woods.

Made of Coal and Basalt, going through the Portal feels like being lit on fire.

The Portal of WaterEdit

Thae: Located just north of the Mourning Marshes. It lies at the bottom of a large lake.

The High Plane: Located on the beach of the whirlpool lake of the fourth plane.

The Portal of Water is made of coral.

The Portal of EarthEdit

Thae: Located in a dense cavernous system located under the () mountain ranges of Southern Grupase.

The High Plane: Located in the center of a massive lower forest on the fifth plane.

Made entirely of dense obsidian encrusted with precious gems.

The Portal of AirEdit

Thae: Located in the Soaring Belt above the center of Drokaine Continent

The High Plane: Located in the center of the first plane, the smallest plane.

Made of condensed cloudstuff, malleable frame that will eventually return to it's former circular shape.

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