The Outer Wall of Crystalwell

Crystalwell is the capital city of Arienne Republic on the Srinkla Continent. It was one of the first established cities and grew very quickly. It is the basis and center of economy for the Srinkla Continent. The king of Crystalwell in 1523 sent over troops to colonize the New Lands in Giliwin. They eventually declare their independance from Crystalwell and Thene became the capital of the free country of Giliwin.

Crystalwell is surrounded by a wall of crystal and was built above a crystal mine. A deep secret lies within the mines.


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Local GovernmentEdit

The government of Crystalwell is led by either the current king or queen. Crystalwell is one of the few cities of the Old World that allowed either a king or queen. Most often it was a king and it was to be declared by the past ruler. The consort of the king or queen has almost no power and is simply seen as a means to reproduce, and comfort. The children of the ruler typically has more power than the rulers consort. The ruler will name one of their children as an heir and that child will become the next ruler following the death or retirement of the current ruler. If a ruler dies, his or her consort has absolutely no say in the goings on of the city of the country, unless the ruler had named his or her consort as their heir, though this is very uncommon, and typically frowned upon as the heir should be a member of the royal family.

The current ruler is King Elric, who is 15 years old, he took the throne after the death of his father five years ago, as he is considered underage, the royal and political affairs are handled by his 21 year old sister, Harleen, who has been a wonderful ruler for Crystalwell. When Elric becomes 18 he will take over all the affairs and become the true king of Crystalwell. Elric and Harleen's mother has hidden herself away in the castle since her husands death, believing that it is her right to take the throne, as a princess of Feywyn, but the creeds of Crystalwell forbids it.

National GovernmentEdit

Crystalwell, as the capital of the Arienne Republic hosts the seat of national power in the country, the several smaller cities around the Arienne Republic are all led by lords appointed by the current King or Queen of Crystalwell. Taxes are kept by the Lords and are paid unto the King on annual trips to the city by the lords.

Crystalwell is also the home of the Blue Chromatic Wizard, The Blue Chromatic Wizard holds domain over eastern Srinkla and the countries of the Arienne Republic, Dornaria, Iriana, and Catheson


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The Crystal MinesEdit


The Crystal Mines

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